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Vote on the possibility of Intergroup Closure 2-18-12

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

It was decided by the 1-21-12 Intergroup attendees that a vote will take place at a so-called “special Intergroup”, to be held on February 18, 2012 whether to continue with Intergroup as a central unit responsible for the helpline, schedule, and website maintenance, as well as other duties. 

If the vote is to close Intergroup, those in attendance will discuss how to pass on those three primary provisions to the area meetings and request that responsiblity be taken for each.

Please see the minutes from Intergroup for more information:

Intergroup Minutes (1-21-12) 

Pete F.

Capital Region Integroup Shutdown Potential

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

There are several Intergroup officers and regular attendees who have decided personally that they will not be able to continue with their duties should a quorum of 2 officers and 2 fellowship members not occur for the next 3 Intergroups (1/21, 3/17, 5/19 of 2012).  More will be discussed this Saturday at the Intergroup meeting – 11:30 at Pine Grove Methodist Church in Albany.  There is no requirement for attendance at Intergroup beyond attendance at SLAA meetings.

The consequence of these resignations would be the shutdown of a number of Intergroup Provisions.  The decision is based primarily on a lack of attendance at Intergroup and the inability to sometimes not meet for 2 or 3 out of the 6 yearly Intergroup meetings.

Pete F.  (Intergroup Secretary)