Why don’t all meetings have their addresses listed?

At the January 17th Intergroup meeting we voted on what the Capital Region Intergroup of SLAA’s position on a web presence should be. At that time 4 groups voted to have full disclosure of their meeting information, 3 voted to have only the city and time of the meeting, and 1 voted to keep the status quo of just the hotline phone number listed on the FWS website (http://www.slaafws.org)

Immediately after that meeting this website was created and the full schedule with street addresses of ALL meetings was posted.  A week or 2 later it was brought to my attention about minority voting opinion and the 4th tradition.  4th Tradition States that all groups should be autonomous except in matters affecting SLAA as a whole.

With those ideas in mind I felt it more prudent to modify the schedule available on the web.  Only those groups who voted to display their street address have theirs displayed.  Displaying street addresses will be an “opt-in” program so that only those groups voting definitively “YES” will have their street address displayed.  This matter will be discussed further at the next Intergroup meeting on March 21st.

Thanks for your understanding and patience in this matter.  Please discuss amongst yourselves.

Yours in recovery,
Bill R., Intergroup Chair

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