SLAA “meetings” via e-mail

Are you looking for more ways to be in contact with members of SLAA?

Perhaps a moderated email distribution list is the way to go for you!

SLAAsupport is a restricted membership, anonymous mailing support list with no public archives. The list was created for adults in search of support from s*x and love or relationship addiction, or avoidance.

The only qualification for SLAA support email list membership is a desire to stop living out a pattern of s*x and love addiction, or avoidance and that you are seriously looking for support in recovering from your obsessive compulsive actions, stemming from this very real addiction.

This list is restricted to members only, and it is NOT a place to act out fantasies or find partners with which you can act out. This is about recovery from s*x and love addiction.

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NOTE: The format of this email list is more like fellowship after a meeting.  Far less boundaried than during a normal face to face meeting that we have here in the Capital Region.

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