SLAA Meetings Online Via Chatroom

#SLAA Online Group
Over 25 Regularly Scheduled “Closed” Meetings every week.
Registered with S.L.A.A. Fellowship Wide Services, Inc.

Server:    room: #SLAA

Info: (for full list of meeting times and instructions)


Meetings are typically Noon, 4:30 PM, and 10:00 PM ET.

The #SLAA Online Group was founded on January 30, 1996.  #SLAA Online Group meetings are held using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) on servers in the #SLAA room (occasionally in the #SLAA2 room).

In order to get into the recovery chat room you will need to install an IRC client or you can access a web portal to the chat room.

The link to the web portal is:

You can also download and use your own irc client like mIRC or Visual IRC to name a few.

Message from the #SLAA room:
This is a great place to spend your recovery time in between face-to-face meetings.  We are all friends and welcome all newcomers and long timers alike.  We are a mixture of men and women from many countries, joining at our respective times for regular meetings.  Often members “hang out” between meetings to simply chat about their recovery.

NOTE: The format of the scheduled meetings are like that of face to face meetings.  There are boundaries, no cross talking allowed, and there is a chairperson who calls on people.

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